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The MOBISOL Data Collector provides assistance for every company that is collecting market information, prepares surveys or records any data on the field through representatives or external colleagues. Due to the flexibility of the system the potential application is virtually unlimited. We recommend it for merchants, businesses involved in distribution, transportation, service from shelf, market research, or providing training.

The MOBISOL Data Collector includes the following basic features:

  • Merchandising: price survey, shelf survey, the assessment of the competition
  • Follow-up of promotions
  • Monitoring the in-store stock, the placement of POS, marketing materials
  • Editable questionnaires
  • Surveying the needs of individual sectors, special data collection


The use of MOBISOL Data Collector:

  • It speeds up and makes the on-spot data recording more accurate
  • It simplifies the analysis and the evaluation of data
  • It speeds up the information flow, helps the executive decision making process.
  • With the help of questionnaires, editable surfaces make the application of the system useful for any sector
  • You also may request a MOBISOL Infoservice reporting system for your PDA program!

With respect to the MOBISOL Data Collector and the related services ask for a free consultation and demonstration!

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