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The MOBISOL Representative supports the most significant momentums of the field work and makes it more efficient.

The MOBISOL Representative includes the following features:

  • Managing the tour schedule
  • Order recording 
    • listing,
    • prices,
    • promotions and
    • based on previous orders
  • Managing return items
  • Securing signatures
  • Store assessment
    • price,
    • facing or quantity,
    • stock
  • Preparing a report
  • Forwarding messages


The use of MOBISOL Representative:

  • The job of the field representative will be subjected to control and evaluation because it provides data and facts in an objective manner about the tasks performed on the field
  • It supports the sale process as it allows the review of previous orders from the store
  • It speeds up the forwarding of orders, as with the help of the GPRS communication applied, the customer service department can receive the order for the items recorded within 1-2 minutes following the visit
  • It helps to prevent mistakes during the recording, as the order is made based on the listings for the specific store and the exact core product list
  • It makes the tour schedules more efficient as all deviations can be analyzed, “running on empty” becomes evident
  • You also may request a MOBISOL Infoservice reporting system for your PDA program!

With respect to the MOBISOL Representative and the related services ask for a free consultation and demonstration!

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